OSTM/Jason-2 Launch

OSTM/Jason-2 launch vehicle - artists concept

OSTM/Jason-2 launched June 20, 2008 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The launch vehicle was a United Launch Alliance Delta II.

Learn more at Delta II: Countdown 101

OSTM/Jason-2 Sequence of Events

Launch Sequence
from Jason-1
00:00:00 Liftoff QuickTime
230 x 180
(496 Kb)
00:00:48 Maximum Dynamic Pressure
00:01:04 3 Solid Motors Burnout QuickTime
230 x 180
(364 Kb)
00:01:39 Jettison 3 Solid Motors QuickTime
230 x 180
(156 Kb)
00:01:40 Begin Dog-leg Maneuver
00:02:20 End Dog-leg Maneuver
00:04:24 MECO - Main Engine Cutoff QuickTime
230 x 180
(176 Kb)
00:04:32 Stage I/II Separation QuickTime
230 x 180
(128 Kb)
00:04:37 Stage II Ignition
00:04:54 Jettison Fairing QuickTime
230 x 180
(360 Kb)
00:10:29 SECO 1 - First Cutoff - Second Stage
00:48:30 Restart Second Stage
00:48:55 SECO 2 - Second cutoff - Second Stage
00:55:00 Separate Jason-2 Spacecraft QuickTime
230 x 180
(464 Kb)
01:06:09 Jason-2 Reaches Ascending Node

Pre-launch Activities

Joint NASA-French Satellite to Track Trends in Sea Level, Climate (May 20, 2008)

A satellite that will help scientists better monitor and understand rises in global sea level is undergoing final preparations for a June 15 launch.

NASA to Hold Media Briefings on New Ocean-Observing Mission (May 13, 2008)

NASA will hold two media briefings on Tuesday, May 20, beginning at 11 a.m. EDT.

Kennedy Space Center Media Gallery

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