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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Scientific Investigations 2017
This page contains information about the current Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Principal Investigators ("PIs"). The PIs are listed, along with the title of their scientific investigation, and where available, a summary, of their work.

Current Scientific Investigations || Scientific Investigations - 2013 || Scientific Investigations - 2008 || Scientific Investigations - 2004

thumbnail for abdalla ABDALLA, Saleh - ECMWF
Assessment and Use of Altimeter Wind and Wave Products at ECMWF
thumbnail for ablain ABLAIN, Michaël - CLS
Validation, cross-calibration and performances of altimetry missions over ocean for mesoscale, coastal and climate applications
thumbnail for andersen ANDERSEN, Ole B. - Technical University of Denmark - Geodetic Department
Mean sea surface, mean dynamic topography and arctic sea level variation
thumbnail for aouf AOUF, Lotfi - Météo-France
The assimilation of multimission amltimeters data for the improvement of operational wave models
thumbnail for arbic ARBIC, Brian - University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Internal tides and waves in a high-resolution ocean general circulation model with data assimilation
thumbnail for arnault ARNAULT, Sabine - LOCEAN
Interannual and regional circulations in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean using satellite data and complex systems modeling
thumbnail for birol BIROL, Florence - LEGOS
PRIAM: new Perspectives for higher ResolutIon Altimetry - a Multi- disciplinary approach
thumbnail for birol2 BIROL, Florence - LEGOS
Service activities at the Centre de Topographie des Océans et de l’Hydrosphère (CTOH)
thumbnail for bonin BONIN, Jennifer - University Of South Florida, Tampa
Improving altimetry's non-tidal high-frequency ocean de-aliasing correction through the inclusion of daily GRACE updates
thumbnail for bonnefond BONNEFOND, Pascal - Observatoire de Paris - SYRTE
FOAM: From Ocean to inland waters Altimetry Monitoring
thumbnail for brown BROWN, Shannon - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Calibration and Algorithm Advancements for the Radiometer Products on Altimeter Missions
thumbnail for chambers CHAMBERS, Don - University Of South Florida, Tampa
Analysis of kinetic energy and structure functions from along-track and crossover altimeter data
thumbnail for cipollini CIPOLLINI, Paolo - NOC
NOCOST: NOC research for Ocean Surface Topography
thumbnail for cosme COSME, Emmanuel - IGE
Merging Ocean Models and Observations at Mesoscale and Submesoscale (MOMOMS)
thumbnail for couhert COUHERT, Alexandre - CNES
Opportunities for Orbit Improvement Using the Jason Series of Satellites
thumbnail for dovidio DOVIDIO, Francesco - LOCEAN
LAECOS: Lagrangian altimetry for open ocean environmental applications: ecological hotspots and contaminants' spreading
thumbnail for da silva DA SILVA, José C.B. - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto – Departamento de Geociências, Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território
Investigating radar altimeter signatures of Internal Solitary Waves in the ocean
thumbnail for dadou DADOU, Isabelle - LEGOS
“Alti-ETAO” - Characterization and analysis of circulation and mesoscale dynamics in the Eastern Tropical Atlantic Ocean using altimetry data
thumbnail for desai DESAI, Shailen - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mitigation of Spatial and Temporal Orbit Errors in Satellite Altimeter Sea Surface Height Measurements
thumbnail for dettmering DETTMERING, Denise - Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut der Technischen Universität München (DGFI-TUM)
CaVaMuMi: Calibration and Validation of altimeter observations and models by means of global multi-mission crossover analysis
thumbnail for drillet DRILLET, Yann - MERCATOR OCEAN
Monitoring and forecasting the Global Ocean
thumbnail for egido EGIDO, Alejandro - University of Maryland, College Park
Development of Fully-Focused SAR Altimetry for Oceanographic Applications
thumbnail for farrar FARRAR, J - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Beyond Mesoscale Eddies: Ocean Dynamical Signals and Mapped SSH
thumbnail for farrell FARRELL, Sinead - University of Maryland, College Park
Altimetry of the Arctic Ocean and Subpolar Seas: Investigating Changes in Circulation and Dynamic Topography
thumbnail for faugere FAUGERE, Yannice - CLS
Multimission merging for High Resolution Altimetry. Support to assimilation
thumbnail for fenty FENTY, Ian - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Linking Sea Surface Height Variations with Hydrographic Variability around the Greenland Ice Sheet to Improve Understanding of Sea Level Rise
thumbnail for fernandes FERNANDES, Joana - Faculdade de Ciências,Universidade do Porto, Departamento de Geociências Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território
GPD Wet Tropospheric Corrections for Present and Future Altimeter Missions (GPD- PFAM)
thumbnail for frappart FRAPPART, Frédéric - LEGOS
SWANS: Surface Winds from Altimetry at Near Shore
thumbnail for gille GILLE, Sarah - University Of California, San Diego
High-wavenumber variability of sea surface height: Evaluating sub-100-km scales with altimetry, ADCP, and model output
thumbnail for haines HAINES, Bruce - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Harvest Experiment: Preserving and Enhancing the Long-Term Altimeter Validation Record
thumbnail for hamlington HAMLINGTON, Benjamin - Old Dominion University Research Foundation
The Role of Decadal Climate Variability in Global and Regional Sea Level Change
thumbnail for han HAN, Weiqing - University Of Colorado, Boulder
Interannual variability and decadal change of upwelling and heat redistribution over the Indian Ocean: effects of climate modes
thumbnail for hoyer HOYER, Jacob - Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), ), Research and Development
Satellite altimetry in shelf and coastal seas
thumbnail for ichikawa ICHIKAWA, Kaoru - Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
Variations of sea surface flow fields in the East Asian marginal seas and the western North Pacific
thumbnail for klein KLEIN, Patrice - LOS - IFREMER
OSIW: Oceanic Sub-mesoscales and Internal gravity Waves : an issue for SWOT
thumbnail for kusche KUSCHE, Jürgen - Institut für Geodäsie und Geoinformation, IGG, Bonn University
Towards consistent regional sea level budgets
thumbnail for lazar LAZAR, Alban - LOCEAN
IMPOCATO & GTW: a study of intra-seasonal planetary wave impacts in the tropical atlantic upwellings & an assessment of monthly mean vertical velocities at global scale in the atlantic thermocline
thumbnail for lemoine LEMOINE, Frank - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Precise orbit determination for the Jason series of missions and TOPEX/Poseidon in support of a long-term and consistent altimeter record
thumbnail for lyard LYARD, Florent - LEGOS
Ocean High Frequency Dynamics de-aliasing and related Geodetics
thumbnail for maximenko MAXIMENKO, Nikolai - University of Hawaii, Honolulu
Multi-scale interactions in ocean satellite and in situ observations and model outputs: response of quasi-permanent mesoscale features to low-frequency variations in the large-scale background
thumbnail for melnichenko MELNICHENKO, Oleg - University of Hawaii, Honolulu
Dynamics of multiple, migrating quasi-zonal jets in the ocean.
thumbnail for mertikas MERTIKAS, Stelios P. - Technical University of Crete, School of Mineral Resources Engineering, Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering Laboratory
Gavdos/Crete Permanent Altimeter Calibration Facilities: “Fiducial Reference Measurements for absolute and relative calibration of satellite altimetry”
thumbnail for meyssignac MEYSSIGNAC, Benoît - LEGOS
Sea Level Change: Current and Future Challenges
thumbnail for naeije NAEIJE, Marc - Delft University of Technology (TUDelft), Astrodynamics and Space missions / Dept. Space Engineering (AS/SpE)
Global and regional altimetry CAL/VAL and science
thumbnail for paris PARIS, Adrien - LEGOS
Madison: Multi-Mission Altimetry-derived DIScharge chrONics at SENTINEL-3 VSs
thumbnail for pascual PASCUAL, Ananda - Institut Mediterrani d’Estudis Avançats, IMEDEA(CSIC-UIB)
Multi-platform experiments, numerical simulations ANd dATa sciEnce techniques for generation of new altimEtric products: focus on mesoscale and sub-mesoscale variability in the Western Mediterranean Sea (MANATEE)
thumbnail for passaro PASSARO, Marcello - Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut der Technischen Universität München (DGFI-TUM)
RECAP24: REprocessed Coastal Altimetry Product, from Level 2 to Level 4
thumbnail for penduff PENDUFF, Thierry - IGE
PIRATE: Probabilistic InteRpretation of Altimeter & in-siTu obsErvations
thumbnail for penny PENNY, Stephen - University of Maryland, College Park
Operational Ocean Data Assimilation to Improve Upper Ocean Current Estimates for Global Ocean Monitoring, Coupled Climate Forecasts, and Coupled Hurricane Forecasts
thumbnail for provost PROVOST, Christine - LOCEAN
thumbnail for qiu QUI, Bo - University of Hawaii, Honolulu
Investigation of Multi-Scale Ocean Circulation Dynamics and Variability based on Satellite Altimetry and Modeling Simulations
thumbnail for quartly QUARTLY, Graham - Plymouth Marine Laboratory
TripleA — PML's planned use of altimetry in the Arctic, Atlantic and Agulhas regions
thumbnail for quilfen QUILFEN, Yves - LOS - IFREMER
thumbnail for ramillien RAMILLIEN, Guillaume - GET
High-resolution seafloor topography estimated by combination of ancillary radar altimeter data sets
thumbnail for ray RAY, Richard - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Studies of Ocean Surface Tides and Internal Tides with Satellite Altimetry
thumbnail for rosmorduc ROSMORDUC, Vinca - CLS
Expanding altimetry outreach
thumbnail for samelson SAMELSON, Roger - Oregon State University
The Vertical Structure and Dynamics of Nonlinear Mesoscale Eddies (continuation)
thumbnail for saraceno SARACENO, Martin - UMI-IFAECI
Towards High Resolution Altimetry: evaluation of products in the Southwestern Atlantic
thumbnail for strub STRUB, Paul - Oregon State University
Cross-Shelf Exchanges in the South African EBC/WBC System
thumbnail for tailleux TAILLEUX, Rémi - University of Reading
3Dfrom2D: Using theory, models and observations for quantifying the relative importance of remote sensing data versus in-situ data in constraining the ocean interior circulation
thumbnail for thibaut THIBAUT, Pierre - CLS
Waveform Analysis and Improved Altimetric Parameter Estimation over deep-ocean, coastal zones, land areas and ice regions
thumbnail for thompson THOMPSON, LuAnne - University Of Washington, Seattle
Mining sea surface height to improve understanding and predictability of mid-latitude air-sea interaction
thumbnail for tournadre TOURNADRE, Jean - LOS - IFREMER
High Resolution Altimeter Iceberg Distribution (HRALTIBERG)
thumbnail for vandemark VANDEMARK, Douglas - University of New Hampshire, Durham
Multi sensor air-sea interaction process studies using the satellite altimeter constellation
thumbnail for verron VERRON, Jacques - IGE
Scientific studies and operational applications of SARAL/AltiKa
thumbnail for vivier VIVIER, Frédéric - LOCEAN
Southern Ocean Mixed-LayEr interannual variability and BarOtropic DYnamics from ocean surface topography and gravimeter data (SOMeBoDY)
thumbnail for volkov VOLKOV, Denis - University Of Miami, Key Biscayne
Dynamics of Regional Heat Convergence and Deep-Ocean Warming in the subtropical South Pacific and Indian Oceans
thumbnail for watson WATSON, Christopher - University of Tasmania, Discipline of Geography and Spatial Sciences
Australian Altimetry: From Precision Sea Level to Near-Real Time Delivery and Applications
thumbnail for wilkin WILKIN, John - Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Integrating altimetry and coastal ocean observing systems for coastal circulation applications at multiple temporal and spatial scales
thumbnail for zhao ZHAO, Zhongxiang - University Of Washington, Seattle
Global Internal Tides from Satellite Altimetry: Next-Generation Internal Tide Model and Internal Tide Oceanic Tomography

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