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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Scientific Investigations 2013

This page contains information about the current Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Principal Investigators ("PIs"). The PIs are listed, along with the title of their scientific investigation, and where available, a summary, of their work.

Current Scientific Investigations || Scientific Investigations - 2013 || Scientific Investigations - 2008 || Scientific Investigations - 2004

thumbnail for Ablain ABLAIN, Michaël - CLS
Validation, cross-calibration and performances of altimetry missions over ocean for mesoscale, coastal and climate applications
thumbnail for ANDERSEN ANDERSEN, Ole B. - Technical University of Denmark - Geodetic Department
Regional sea level determination and ocean tides (retracking)
thumbnail for Arnault ARNAULT, Sabine - LOCEAN
Interannual variability and regional impacts in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
thumbnail for Bertiger BERTIGER, William I. - California Institute of Technology - JPL
Using GPS to Minimize Temporal and Spatial Errors in Precise Orbit Determination
thumbnail for Bingham BINGHAM, Rory J. - University of Bristol
Using altimetry to monitor the ocean’s response to a changing climate
thumbnail for Birkett BIRKETT, Charon - University of Maryland, ESSIC
Application of Multiple Satellite Radar Altimetry Data Sets to Serve Inland Surface Water Projects
thumbnail for Birol BIROL, Florence - LEGOS, DE MEY, Pierre - LEGOS
Multisensor Impact assessment in Coastal and Shelf Seas II (MICSS-2)
thumbnail for Bonnefond BONNEFOND, Pascal - OCA-GEOAZUR
FOAM, From Ocean to inland waters Altimetry Monitoring
thumbnail for Bosch BOSCH, Wolfgang - Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI)
Inter-Calibration of Multi-mission Altimeter Systems and Time Series of Dynamic Ocean Topography (iCASiDOT)
thumbnail for Brasseur BRASSEUR, Pierre - LGGE
Toward the Next Generation of Altimeter Data Assimilation for Physical Ocean and Marine Ecosystem Monitoring and Prediction
thumbnail for Brown BROWN, Shannon Thomas - California Institute of Technology - JPL
Maintaining the Long Term Calibration of and Improving the Wet Tropospheric Correction from the Jason Radiometers for Climate Studies
thumbnail for Castelao CASTELAO, Renato M. - University of Georgia, Department of Marine Sciences
The Impact of Western Boundary Current and Eddies on the Across-Shelf Exchange in the South Atlantic Bight: an Integrated Study Using Satellite Altimeters Time Series, In-situ Observations, and Data Assimilative Numerical Modeling
thumbnail for Cazenave CAZENAVE, Anny - LEGOS, MEYSSIGNAC, Benoît - LEGOS
Present-day sea level rise and variability: observations, causes and coastal impacts
thumbnail for Chaigneau CHAIGNEAU, Alexis - LEGOS
Merging of satellite and in situ observations for the analysis of meso and submesoscale dynamics
thumbnail for Chambers CHAMBERS, Don P. - University of South Florida, College of Marine Science
Improved Estimates of Southern Ocean Transport by Combining Satellite Altimetry and Temperature/Salinity Profile Data
thumbnail for Chapron CHAPRON, Bertrand - IFREMER - LOS
Diagnostic of upper ocean dynamics : an Ocean Satellite Sensor Synergy approach (O3S)
thumbnail for Chelton CHELTON, Dudley B. - Oregon State University, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
The Vertical Structure and Dynamics of Nonlinear Mesoscale Eddies
thumbnail for D'Ovidio D'OVIDIO, Francesco - LOCEAN
ALTIMECO The structuring role of transport and mixing on pelagic ecosystems: exploiting the altimetric potential for ecological studies
thumbnail for Dadou DADOU, Isabelle - LEGOS, GARÇON, Véronique - LEGOS
Remote versus local forcing in the Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems of the Ocean (Southern Hemisphere) using altimetry data
thumbnail for Davidson DAVIDSON, Fraser - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Improvement of Altimetry Assimilation in operational ocean forecast systems for the Canadian Arctic
thumbnail for Birol DE MEY, Pierre - LEGOS, BIROL, Florence - LEGOS
Multisensor Impact assessment in Coastal and Shelf Seas II (MICSS-2)
thumbnail for Dewitte DEWITTE, Boris - LEGOS
MODOKALT: Dynamics of Modoki El Niño as inferred from altimetry - OSTST project 2013-2015
thumbnail for Dombrowsky DOMBROWSKY, Eric - MERCATOR OCEAN
Mercator, global ocean monitoring and forecasting
thumbnail for Eymard EYMARD, Laurence - LOCEAN
Improvement of the wet tropospheric correction for altimetry missions
thumbnail for Farrar FARRAR, J Thomas - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Department of Physical Oceanography
Aspects of Wave Radiation in the World Oceans
thumbnail for Faugere FAUGERE, Yannice - CLS
Multimission merging for High Resolution Altimetry. Support to assimilation
thumbnail for FENOGLIO-MARC FENOGLIO-MARC, Luciana - Technische Universität Darmstadt
SEa Level Variability due to Melt water Fingerprints and in Regional, COstal and In-LAnd Regimes FICOSELA
thumbnail for Fukumori FUKUMORI, Ichiro - California Institute of Technology - JPL
Estimating Mechanisms of the Trend and Decadal Variability of Sea Level Using an Ocean General Circulation Model Constrained by Satellite Altimetry Observations
thumbnail for Dadou GARÇON, Véronique - LEGOS, DADOU, Isabelle - LEGOS
Remote versus local forcing in the Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems of the Ocean (Southern Hemisphere) using altimetry data
thumbnail for Gille GILLE, Sarah T. - University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Characterizing Variability in the Southern Ocean
thumbnail for Girton GIRTON, James B. - University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory
Internal Tides from Space: High Resolution Mapping, Regional Characterization, and Developing a Correction for Wide-Swath Altimetry
thumbnail for Goni GONI, Gustavo - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Assessment of the Meridional Overturning Circulation and Meridional Heat Transport and Their Meridional Variability in the South Atlantic Ocean
thumbnail for Griffin GRIFFIN, David A. - CSIRO
Altimetry for Real Time Applications and Climate Studies relevant to Australia
thumbnail for Haines HAINES, Bruce J. - California Institute of Technology - JPL
The Harvest Experiment: Toward a Seamless 25-Year Altimeter Calibration Record
thumbnail for Horvath HORVATH, Alexander - Technical University Munich, Institute of Astronomical and Physical Geodesy (IAPG)
Impact of GOCE on MDT determination
thumbnail for Hoyer HOYER, Jacob - Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)
Operational satellite altimetry in shelf and coastal seas
thumbnail for Ichikawa ICHIKAWA, Kaoru - Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
Variations of sea surface height and flow fields in the western North Pacific and surrounding marginal seas
thumbnail forJanssen JANSSEN, Peter - ECMWF
Global assimilation of wind/wave at ECMWF
thumbnail for Kahlouche KAHLOUCHE, Salem - Algerian Space Agency, Division of Space Geodesy, Centre of Space Techniques
Oceanic Climate Change and Sea Level: Causality and Forecasting with Multivariate Singular Spectrum Analysis
thumbnail for Kelly KELLY, Kathryn A. - University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory
Sources and Impacts of Variability of the Meridional Property Transports in the Atlantic Ocean
thumbnail for Leben LEBEN, Robert R. - UCB
Multivariate Sea Level Reconstruction for Historical and Near Real-Time Ocean and Climate Monitoring
thumbnail for Lemoine LEMOINE, Frank G. R. - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory
Improvement of Precise Orbit Determination Across the TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason Missions and Development of a Seamless Altimeter Record
thumbnail for Li LI, Zhijin - California Institute of Technology - JPL
Multi-Scale Data Assimilation of Satellite Altimetry for Realtime Current Prediction in Coastal Oceans
thumbnail for Maximenko MAXIMENKO, Nikolai - University of Hawaii
Multi-Scale Ocean Circulation in Satellite and In Situ Observations
thumbnail for Mc Gillicuddy MCGILLICUDDY, Dennis J. - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Physical and Biological Dynamics of Nonlinear Mesoscale Eddies: Satellite Observations, in situ Measurements, and Numerical Simulations on a Global Scale
thumbnail for Mertikas MERTIKAS, Stelios P. - Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Laboratory, Mineral Resources Engineering Department
Gavdos-Crete Cal-Val for satellite altimetry missions: “Monitoring, Calibration and Validation of current (i.e., Jason-1, Jason-2/OSTM, HY-2) and future (i.e., Jason-3, Sentinel-3, Altika/SARAL) satellite altimetry measurements using the permanent facility on the islands of Gavdos and Crete, Greece"
thumbnail for Cazenave MEYSSIGNAC, Benoît - LEGOS, CAZENAVE, Anny - LEGOS
Present-day sea level rise and variability: observations, causes and coastal impacts
thumbnail for Miller MILLER, Laury - NOAA Lab for Satellite Altimetry
NOAA Climate and Operational Applications from Satellite Altimetry
thumbnail for Morrow MORROW, Rosemary - LEGOS
Altimetry activities at the Centre de Topographie des Océans et de l'Hydrosphère (CTOH)
thumbnail for Naeije NAEIJE, Marc - Delft University of Technology (TUDelft)
Global and regional altimetry CAL/VAL and science
thumbnail for Nerem NEREM, Robert Steven - University of Colorado, Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
The Climate Data Record of Sea Level Change: Influence of Decadal Variability
thumbnail for Nino NINO, Fernando - LEGOS
Altimetric Waveforms In Coastal Regions and Continental Surfaces
thumbnail for Papa PAPA, Fabrice - LEGOS
Variability of terrestrial freshwater storage in the Tropics from multi-satellite observations
thumbnail for Park PARK, Young-Hyang - LOCEAN
Poleward heat flux and ACC variability at choke points
thumbnail for Pascual PASCUAL, Ananda - Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats, IMEDEA(CSIC-UIB)
MesoscAle veRtIcal motioN from satellite Altimetry and other sensors: comparison with numerical models and impacts on ocean chlorophyll (Acronym: MARINA)
thumbnail for Penduff PENDUFF, Thierry - LGGE
CHAOCEAN (low-frequency intrinsic variability in the eddying ocean : observations, simulations and processes)
thumbnail for Qiu QIU, Bo - University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept of Oceanography
Elucidating Multi-Scale Midlatitude Ocean Dynamics Using Satellite Altimetry and Numerical Modeling Data
thumbnail for Quartly QUARTLY, Graham - Plymouth Marine Laboratory
TRIDENT III. UK's contribution to improving altimetry through cal/val, algorithm development in the coastal zone and oceanographic analyses
thumbnail for Quilfen QUILFEN, Yves - LOS IFREMER
Observatory and Research on extreme PHEnomena over the Oceans (ORPHEO)
thumbnail for Ray RAY, Richard D. - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Space Geodesy Branch
Studies of Ocean Surface Tides and Internal Tides with Satellite Altimetry
thumbnail for Rhines RHINES, Peter B. - University of Washington, School of Oceanography
Improved Estimates of Atlantic Meridional Circulation from Altimetry with Tracers, Drifters, Gliders and Argo Floats
thumbnail for Rio RIO, Marie-Hélène - CLS
Comparison of multi-mission altimeter products to in-situ data, Computation of MDT, MSS and Global Ocean Observed Products
thumbnail for Roemmich ROEMMICH, Dean - University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Sea Surface Height (SSH) and Steric Height: Understanding the Relationship Between SSH and Subsurface Ocean Temperature and Salinity Variability
thumbnail for Rosmorduc ROSMORDUC, Vinca - CLS
Expanding altimetry outreach
thumbnail for Saraceno SARACENO, Martin - UMI-IFAECI
Southwestern Atlantic currents from in-situ and satellite altimetry data
thumbnail for Tailleux TAILLEUX, Rémi - University of Reading
3Dfrom2D: Using theories of the ocean variability for linking the 3D ocean structure to 2D surface observations
thumbnail for Thibaut THIBAUT, Pierre - CLS
Waveform Analysis and Improved Altimetric Parameters Estimations over deep-ocean, coastal zones, land areas and ice regions
thumbnail for Tournadre TOURNADRE, Jean - IFREMER - LOS
thumbnail for Vandemark VANDEMARK, Douglas - UNH, EOS/OPAL
Exploiting synergies between ocean wind-wave modeling and satellite altimetry
thumbnail for Verron VERRON, Jacques - LGGE
Scientific studies for the SARAL/AltiKa ka band altimetry satellite mission
thumbnail for Vigo VIGO, Isabel - Applied Mathematics – Space Geodesy Laboratory - University of Alicante
Basin Scale Geostrophy: a challenge for GOCE and altimetry data. The case of the Mediterranean Sea
thumbnail for Vivier VIVIER, Frédéric - LOCEAN
Mixed-layer Interannual variability in the Southern Ocean (MISO)
thumbnail for Volkov VOLKOV, Denis - UCLA - JIFRESSE
The Mediterranean and Black Seas: Analysis of Large Sea Level Anomalies
thumbnail for Weisberg WEISBERG, Robert H. - University of South Florida, College of Marine Science
Satellite altimetry products in the eastern Gulf of Mexico: veracity testing and application
thumbnail for Wilkin WILKIN, John - Rutgers University, IMCS
Analysis of coastal ocean circulation and coastal altimeter observing systems using variational methods in model-data integration
thumbnail for Yahia YAHIA, Hussein - INRIA
Icarode: Integration and Cascading for High Resolution Ocean Dynamics
thumbnail for Zaron ZARON, Edward D. - Portland State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Combined Estimation of Tides and Bathymetry from Multi-Satellite Altimetry

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