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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Scientific Investigations

These past investigaions include research using TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 data. Please visit the Literature Database for a searchable database of ocean surface topography related published works.

Current Scientific Investigations || Scientific Investigations - 2013 || Scientific Investigations - 2008 || Scientific Investigations - 2004

Advanced altimeter data assimilation for the development of operational oceanography
J. Verron, E. Blayo, J. Blum, P. Brasseur, T. Delcroix, P. De Mey, G. Evensen, L. Gourdeau, F.X. Le Dimet, D.T. Pham, J. Schröter

Altimetric Studies of Ocean Tidal Dynamics
R. D. Ray, G. D. Egbert, D. E. Cartwright

Altimetry research with Jason-1 at SOC
P. Challenor, P. Cipollini, D. Cromwell, C. Gommenginger, G. Quartly, H. Snaith, M. Srokosz, D. Woolf

Application of altimetry measurements to observational and modeling studies of low-frequency upper ocean mass and heat circulation in the tropical Pacific
A.J. Busalacchi, J. Picaut, R. Murtugudde, M.J. McPhaden, T. Delcroix, L. Gourdeau, Y. Du Penhoat, J. Verron.

The application of Jason-1 measurements to estimate the global near-surface ocean circulation for climate research
C.J. Koblinsky, B.D. Beckley, P.P. Niiler, B. Cornuelle, N. Barth.

Barotropic high-frequency sea level signals and the Jason-1 altimeter mission
R.M. Ponte


Calibration and stability assessment for POSEIDON-2 altimeter
D.W. Hancock III, G.S. Hayne.

Calibration of the TOPEX and Jason-1 altimeter microwave radiometers using VLBI and GPS derived tropospheric delays
D. MacMillan, Y. Bock, P. Fang, B. Beckley, C. Ma

Combined studies of altimetric and subsurface data
D. Roemmich, B. Cornuelle, J. Sprintall

Contribution of space techniques to Jason-1 altimeter calibration
P. Exertier, P. Bonnefond, Y. Ménard, E. Jeansou


A coordinated programme for global calibration/validation of altimeter sea state data
P.D. Cotton, D.J.T. Carter, P.G. Challenor, V. Kareev

Development and validation of an ocean incremental 4D-Var assimilation scheme
J.P. Boulanger, A. Weaver, J. Vialard, C. Menkes, P. Delecluse

Dual-frequency altimetry for precipitation and wind studies
J. Tournadre, B. Chapron

The dynamics of short-term ocean climate variability
D.B. Chelton and R.A. De Szoeke

Eddy and wave dynamics with TOPEX/POSEIDON and Jason-1 altimetry
J.J. O'Brien

Estimation of air-sea gas transfer using Jason-1 dual-frequency normalized backscatter
N.M. Frew, D.M. Glover, E.J. Bock.

Estimation of electromagnetic and tracker bias for Jason-1
E. Rodriguez, P.S. Callahan


Global geodynamics investigation using TOPEX/POSEIDON and Jason-1 observations
B.F. Chao

Global ocean dynamic and transports
D. Stammer, C. Wunsch.

Gravity, bathymetry, and mesoscale ocean circulation from altimetry
S.T. Gille, D.T. Sandwell.

The Harvest experiment
B. Haines, Y. Bar-Sever, G. Born, E. Christensen and S. Gill.


Improved orbits and reference frame stability from GPS tracking of TOPEX/POSEIDON and Jason-1 to support basin-scale sea level studies
M.M. Watkins, G.L. Kruizinga, B.J. Haines

Improving understanding and prediction of climate variability and change in the Australian region
J. Church, R. Coleman, I. Barton, N. Bindoff, G. Meyers, P. McIntosh, W. Mitchell, R. Morrow, K. Ridgway, S. Rintoul, A. Schiller, D. Webb, B. de Cuevas, N. White, J. Wilkin, J. Wolff

In situ tide gauge/GPS stations for monitoring the temporal drift of satellite altimeters
M. Merrifield, M. Bevis

Interactions of the Eastern and Western Boundary Systems Off South America and South Africa With the Large-Scale Circulation in the Southern Ocean
P. Ted Strub, Ricardo P. Matano


Inter- and intra-calibrations of TOPEX/POSEIDON and Jason-1 with inferences for decadal basin-scale sea-surface variability
P. Moore, J. Wang

Interannual sea level change at global and regional scales using Jason-1 altimetry
A. Cazenave, K. Do Minh, J.F. Cretaux, C. Cabanes, S. Mangiarotti

Interannual sea level variability in the Southern Ocean within the context of global climate change
Y.H. Park

Interannual to decadal ocean variability and predictability
R. Tokmakian, J. McClean, A.J. Semtner

Investigation of the Seasonal-to-Interannual Variabilities of the Ocean by Assimilating Satellite Altimetry and Ancillary Data into Numerical Ocean Models
I. Fukumori, Y. Chao, L.L. Fu, T. Lee, W. T. Liu, D. Menemenlis, V. Zlotnicki.

An Investigation of Very Low Frequency Sea Level Change Using Satellite Altimeter Data
R. S. Nerem, G. T. Mitchum, B. S. Giese, E. W. Leuliette, P. Chambers

A Jason educational program
R. Stewart, R. James.


Jason-1 microwave radiometer on-orbit validation
C. Ruf.

Jason-1 monitoring and prediction capabilities on the continental shelf
G.A. Jacobs, C.N. Barron, P.J. Hogan, H.E. Hurlburt, H.T. Perkins, R.H. Preller, R.C. Rhodes, W.J. Teague, K.R. Whitmer.

Jason-1 near real-time applications
G.H. Born, R.R. Leben, D.S. McCollum, J.M. Wilczak.


Jason-1 precision orbit verification
J.C. Ries, B.D. Tapley, R.J. Eanes, H.J. Rim

Large-Scale Variability in the Midlatitude Subtropical and Subpolar North Pacific Ocean: Observations and Causes
Bo Qiu

Long internal waves studies with applications to large-scale ocean transport and improvement of altimeter measurements
R. Glazman

Low-frequency sea level variability in the Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans
R. Morrow, G. Reverdin

Low-frequency variability in the southeastern Pacific
R. Abarca, A. Vega, Y. Du Penhoat, B. Dewitte, O. Pizarro

Mass, heat and salt transports in the western North Pacific
S. Imawaki, S. Aoki, Y. Fukuda, K. Ichikawa, S. Ito, H. Kawamura, M. Kubota, T. Kuragano, K. Matsumoto, T. Nagai, A. Sengoku, H. Yoritaka.

MERCATOR, forecasting global ocean
P. Bahurel, P. De Mey, T. De Prada, E. Dombrowsky, P. Josse, C. Le Provost, P.Y. Le Traon, A. Piacentini, L. Siefridt

Merging altimetry and thermal imagery to estimate velocity in ocean boundary currents
W. Emery, J. Wilkin, M. Bowen.

The MOTEVAS project
S. Calmant, T. Delcroix, A. Cazenave, C.K. Shum.

Multivariate data assimilation in support of forecasting of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean
P. De Mey, N. Pinardi, M. Benkiran Coframi, P. Faucher, E. Demirov, S. Sparnocchia, F. Raicich, C. Maes, E. Dombrowsky, E. Greiner, F. Auclair, M. Gavart, P. Bahurel, J. Verron,

Multi-satellite altimeter processing for sea level and ocean circulation monitoring
P.Y. Le Traon, C. Boone, G. Dibarboure, J. Dorandeu, N. Ducet, P. Gaspar, F. Hernandez, G. Larnicol, F. Ogor-Mertz, J. Stum.

Ocean circulation determined from Jason-1 satellite altimeter data
J. Schröter, M. Wenzel.

Ocean circulation, height systems and gravity field studies based on Jason-1 altimetry
E.J.O. Schrama, M.C. Naeije, R. Scharroo, P.N.A.M. Visser, B.A.C. Ambrosius

Ocean forecasting and altimetry
J.M. Lefèvre, P. Josse, P. Dandin

Oceanic heat and vorticity budgets of the Antarctic circumpolar wave
W.B. White.

Ocean response to short-period atmospheric and tidal forcings
C. Le Provost, L. Carrere, P. Gaspar, P.Y. Le Traon, F. Lyard, R. Ponte.

Ocean wave impacts on altimetry
D. Vandemark, B. Chapron, T. Elfouhaily, P. Gaspar, G.S. Hayne, D.W. Hancock III, G.T. Mitchum, D.R. Thompson, E.J. Walsh

Operational monitoring of the mesoscale ocean
L. Kerleguer, P. Bahurel, R. Baraille, E. Dombrowsky, M. Gavart, S. Giraud, D. Jourdan

Sea level variations in the North Atlantic and adjacent seas from multiple satellite sources
P. Knudsen, O. Andersen, J.L. Hoyer, A.A. Nielsen, K.B. Hilger, C.C. Tscherning, N. Hoejerslev, E. Buch, V. Hues.

Solving the "electromagnetic bias" problem
D.D. Arnold, K.F. Warnick, F.W. Millet

South Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean
C. Provost, F. Vivier, V. Garèon, I. Dadou, E. Machu

Studies of Tropical Variability
Gary T. Mitchum, A.J. Busalacchi


Studies of sea level and ocean circulation variations and tides
P.L. Woodworth, C.W. Hughes, T.F. Baker, X. Dong, R.A. Flather, J.M. Huthnance, H. Leach and R. Williams


Study and improvement of altimeter and radiometer data analysis and processing
L. Eymard, E. Obligis.

Study of seasonal-to-decadal variability in the Tropical Atlantic using altimetry, models and in situ observations
S. Arnault

Testing a theory of El Niño with altimetry data: Recharge/discharge of the upper layer of the tropical Pacific Ocean
J. Picaut, A.J. Busalacchi, T. Delcroix, L. Gourdeau, M.J. Mc Phaden, R. Murtugudde, Y. du Penhoat, J. Verron

Towards high-resolution operational ocean forecasting
M.J. Bell, A. Hines, M.J. Martin, M.E. McCulloch, D. Storkey.

Using altimetry products for operational oceanography applied to tropical fisheries
M. Petit, P. Gaspar, M. Desruisseaux, F. Goujon, F. Poisson, D. Guyomard

Using Jason-1 and TOPEX/POSEIDON data for seasonal climate prediction studies
P. Rogel, E. Maisonnave.

Using Satellite Altimetry to Improve Operational El Niño Forecasts
Robert Cheney, Laury Miller, C.K. Tai, John Lillibridge, John Kuhn Ming Ji, David Behringer, Femke Vossepoel

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