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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
OST Publications/Submissions

This page lists publications for the past 3 months from members of the OST science team. For older publications, please search the Literature Database. Links are provided, if available. If you would like a copy of a colleague's paper, please contact the author.

November 2016

Assassi, C., Y. Morel,F. Vandermeirsch, A. Chaigneau, C. Pegliasco, R. Morrow, F. Colas, S. Fleury, X. Carton, P. Klein, R. Cambra An index to distinguish surface and subsurface intensified vortices from surface observations. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 46, 2529-2552.
Boy, François, Jean-Damien Desjonquères, Nicolas Picot, Thomas Moreau, Matthias RaynalCryoSat-2 SAR-Mode Over Oceans: Processing Methods, Global Assessment, and Benefits, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  (Volume: 55, Issue: 1):
Chavanne Cedric P., Klein Patrice QuasiGeostrophic Diagnosis of Mixed-Layer Dynamics Embedded in a Mesoscale Turbulent Field. Journal Of Physical Oceanography, 46(1), 275-287, 2016.
Dhage, L., and P. T. StrubIntra-seasonal sea level variability along the west coast of India, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 121, 2016, doi:10.1002/2016JC011904.
Ponte Aurélien & Patrice Klein Incoherent signature of internal tides on seal level in idealized numerical simulations. Geophysical Research Letters. 42, 1520–1526.
Rocha, C., S. T. Gille, T. Chereskin, D. Menemenlis Seasonality of submesoscale dyanamics in the Kuroshio Extension, accepted, Geophys. Res. Lett.  2016, doi: 10.1002/2016GL071349.
Wang X.F. and K. IchikawaEffect of high-frequency sea waves on wave period retrieval from radar altimeter and buoy data, Remote Sensing, 8(9), 764; doi:10.3390/rs8090764.
Ghosh, S., Nandy, S., & Kumar, A. S. Rapid assessment of recent flood episode in Kaziranga National Park, Assam using remotely sensed satellite data. Current Science, 111(9), 1450-1451.
Qiu Bo, Chen Shuiming, Klein Patrice, Ubelmann Clement, Fu Lee-Lueng, Sasaki Hideharu (2016).Reconstructability of 3-Dimensional Upper Ocean Circulation from SWOT Sea Surface Height Measurements. Journal Of Physical Oceanography, 46(3), 947-963.
Ubelmann Clément, Patrice Klein & Lee Lueng FuDynamic interpolation of Sea Surface Height and potential applications for future high-resolution altimetry mapping. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. 32, 177-184.

September 2016

Egido, A., and W. H. F. SmithFully Focused SAR Altimetry: Theory and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing , vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-15, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2016.2607122.
Frappart, F., Legrésy, B., Niño, F., Blarel, F., Fuller, N., Fleury, S., Birol, F., Calmant, S. An ERS-2 altimetry reprocessing compatible with ENVISAT for long-term land and ice sheets studies. Remote Sensing of Environment 184, 558-581, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2016.07.037

August 2016

Fasullo, J. T., R. S. Nerem, and B. HamlingtonIs detection of accelerated sea level rise imminent?, Scientific Reports, 6, 31245, doi:10.1038/srep31245.
Liu, Y., R.H. Weisberg, J.M. Lenes, L. Zheng, K. Hubbard, and J.J. Walsh Offshore forcing on the "pressure point" of the West Florida Shelf: Anomalous upwelling and its influence on harmful algal blooms, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 121,
Weisberg, R.H., L. Zheng, and Y. Liu West Florida Shelf upwelling: Origins and pathways, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 121,
Zhao, Z.Internal tide oceanic tomography, Geophys. Res. Lett.,, 2016.

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