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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
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1. A Cloud masking algorithm for the XBAER aerosol retrieval using MERIS data
Authors: Mei, Linlu; Vountas, Marco; Gomez-Chova, Luis; Rozanov, Vladimir; Jaeger, Malte; Lotz, Wolfhardt; Burrows, John P.; Hollmann, Rainer Year: 2017
2. A Combination of Feature Tracking and Pattern Matching with Optimal Parametrization for Sea Ice Drift Retrieval from SAR Data
Authors: Korosov, Anton Andreevich; Rampal, Pierre Year: 2017
3. A Combined Random Forest and OBIA Classification Scheme for Mapping Smallholder Agriculture at Different Nomenclature Levels Using Multisource Data (Simulated Sentinel-2 Time Series, VHRS and DEM)
Authors: Lebourgeois, Valentine; Dupuy, Stephane; Vintrou, Elodie; Ameline, Mael; Butler, Suzanne; Begue, Agnes Year: 2017
4. A Comparison of Terrain Indices toward Their Ability in Assisting Surface Water Mapping from Sentinel-1 Data
Authors: Huang, Chang; Ba Duy Nguyen; Zhang, Shiqiang; Cao, Senmao; Wagner, Wolfgang Year: 2017
5. A damped Newton variational inversion method for SAR wind retrieval
Authors: Jiang, ZH; Li, YX; Yu, FJ; Chen, G; Yu, WX Year: 2017
6. A global probabilistic study of the Ocean Heat Content low-frequency variability: atmospheric forcing versus oceanic chaos
Authors: Serazin, G., A. Jaymond, S. Leroux, T. Penduff, B. Barnier, J.-M. Molines, L. Bessieres, L. Terray, and W. Llovel Year: 2017
7. A Model of Radar Backscatter of Rain-Generated Stalks on the Ocean Surface
Authors: Liu, XN; Zheng, QN; Liu, R; Sletten, MA; Duncan, JH Year: 2017
8. A Network-Based Enhanced Spectral Diversity Approach for TOPS Time-Series Analysis
Authors: Fattahi, H; Agram, P; Simons, M Year: 2017
9. A new method for crop classification combining time series of radar images and crop phenology information
Authors: Bargiel, Damian Year: 2017
10. A Novel Ship Detector Based on the Generalized-Likelihood Ratio Test for SAR Imagery
Authors: Iervolino, Pasquale; Guida, Raffaella Year: 2017
11. A numerical investigation of the Southern Gyre using ROMS
Authors: Gamoyo, Majambo; Reason, Chris J. C.; Collins, Charine Year: 2017
12. A Radiometric Uncertainty Tool for the Sentinel 2 Mission
Authors: Gorrono, Javier; Fomferra, Norman; Peters, Marco; Gascon, Ferran; Underwood, Craig I.; Fox, Nigel P.; Kirches, Grit; Brockmann, Carsten Year: 2017
13. A Satellite-Based Imaging Instrumentation Concept for Hyperspectral Thermal Remote Sensing
Authors: Udelhoven, Thomas; Schlerf, Martin; Segl, Karl; Mallick, Kaniska; Bossung, Christian; Retzlaff, Rebecca; Rock, Gilles; Fischer, Peter; Mueller, Andreas; Storch, Tobias; Eisele, Andreas; Weise, Dennis; Hupfer, Werner; Knigge, Thiemo Year: 2017
14. A Simple Normalized Difference Approach to Burnt Area Mapping Using Multi-Polarisation C-Band SAR
Authors: Engelbrecht, Jeanine; Theron, Andre; Vhengani, Lufuno; Kemp, Jaco Year: 2017
15. A single-station empirical model for TEC over the Antarctic Peninsula using GPS-TEC data
Authors: Feng, J; Wang, Z; Jiang, W; Zhao, Z; Zhang, B Year: 2017
16. A Study of Landfast Ice with Sentinel-1 Repeat-Pass Interferometry over the Baltic Sea
Authors: Marbouti, Marjan; Praks, Jaan; Antropov, Oleg; Rinne, Eero; Lepparanta, Matti Year: 2017
17. A tale of two eddies: The biophysical characteristics of two contrasting cyclonic eddies in the East Australian Current System
Authors: Roughan, M.; Keating, S. R.; Schaeffer, A.; Heredia, P. Cetina; Rocha, C.; Griffin, D.; Robertson, R.; Suthers, I. M. Year: 2017
18. A weekly Arctic sea-ice thickness data record from merged CryoSat-2 and SMOS satellite data
Authors: Ricker, Robert; Hendricks, Stefan; Kaleschke, Lars; Tian-Kunze, Xiangshan; King, Jennifer; Haas, Christian Year: 2017
19. Absolute Sea Level Surface Modeling for the Mediterranean from Satellite Altimeter and Tide Gauge Measurements
Authors: Grgic, Marijan; Nerem, Robert Steven; Basic, Tomislav Year: 2017
20. Absolute water storages in the Congo River floodplains from integration of InSAR and satellite radar altimetry
Authors: Yuan, Ting(1,2); Lee, Hyongki(1,2); Jung, Hahn Chul(3,4); Aierken, Abureli(1,2); Beighley, Edward(5); Alsdorf, Douglas E.(6,7); Tshimanga, Raphael M.(8); Kim, Donghwan(1,2) Year: 2017
21. Airborne Laser Scanning for calibration and validation of inshore satellite altimetry: A proof of concept
Authors: Zlinszky, Andras; Boergens, Eva; Glira, Philipp; Pfeifer, Norbert Year: 2017
22. AirSWOT measurements of river water surface elevation and slope: Tanana River, AK
Authors: Altenau, Elizabeth H.(1); Pavelsky, Tamlin M.(1); Moller, Delwyn(2); Lion, Christine(1); Pitcher, Lincoln H.(3); Allen, George H.(1); Bates, Paul D.(4); Calmant, St Year: 2017
23. An Accurate Semianalytical Waveform Model for Mispointed SAR Interferometric Altimeters
Authors: Recchia, Lisa; Scagliola, Michele; Giudici, Davide; Kuschnerus, Mieke Year: 2017
24. An effective method based on dynamic sampling for data assimilation in a global wave model
Authors: Sun, Meng; Yin, Xunqiang; Yang, Yongzeng; Wu, Kejian Year: 2017
25. An examination of the Galileo NeQuick model: comparison with GPS and JASON TEC
Authors: Wang, Ningbo(1,3); Yuan, Yunbin(1); Li, Zishen(2); Li, Ying(1); Huo, Xingliang(1); Li, Min(1,3) Year: 2017
26. An exploratory study on the aerosol height retrieval from OMI measurements of the 477 nm O-2-O-2 spectral band using a neural network approach
Authors: Chimot, Julien; Veefkind, J. Pepijn; Vlemmix, Tim; de Haan, Johan F.; Amiridis, Vassilis; Proestakis, Emmanouil; Marinou, Eleni; Levelt, Pieternel F. Year: 2017
27. An object-based SAR image iceberg detection algorithm applied to the Amundsen Sea
Authors: Mazur, AK; Wahlin, AK; Krezel, A Year: 2017
28. An Optical Classification Tool for Global Lake Waters
Authors: Eleveld, Marieke A.; Ruescas, Ana B.; Hommersom, Annelies; Moore, Timothy S.; Peters, Steef W. M.; Brockmann, Carsten Year: 2017
29. Analysis and correction of ocean wave pattern induced systematic coordinate errors in airborne LiDAR bathymetry
Authors: Westfeld, Patrick(1); Maas, Hans-Gerd(1); Richter, Katja(1); Wei Year: 2017
30. APDA Water Vapor Retrieval Validation for Sentinel-2 Imagery
Authors: Makarau, Aliaksei; Richter, Rudolf; Schlapfer, Daniel; Reinartz, Peter Year: 2017
31. Applicability of SAR-based wave retrieval for wind-wave interaction analysis in the fetch-limited Baltic
Authors: Rikka, S; Uiboupin, R; Alari, V Year: 2017
32. Applicability of Sentinel-1 Terrain Observation by Progressive Scans multitemporal interferometry for monitoring slow ground motions in the San Francisco Bay Area
Authors: Shirzaei, Manoochehr; Burgmann, Roland; Fielding, Eric J. Year: 2017
33. Application of CryoSat-2 altimetry data for river analysis and modelling
Authors: Schneider, R; Godiksen, PN; Villadsen, H; Madsen, H; Bauer-Gottwein, P Year: 2017
34. Application of laser tracking technology to absolute calibration of space-borne radar altimeters
Authors: Xu, Xiyu(1,2); Wang, Zhenzhan(1,2); Xu, Ke(1,2) Year: 2017
35. Application of Sentinel 2 MSI Images to Retrieve Suspended Particulate Matter Concentrations in Poyang Lake
Authors: Liu, Huizeng; Li, Qingquan; Shi, Tiezhu; Hu, Shuibo; Wu, Guofeng; Zhou, Qiming Year: 2017
36. Arctic Sea Level During the Satellite Altimetry Era
Authors: Carret, A.(1); Johannessen, J.A.(2); Andersen, O.B.(3); Ablain, M.(4); Prandi, P.(4); Blazquez, A.(1); Cazenave, A.(1) Year: 2017
37. AssesSegA Command Line Tool to Quantify Image Segmentation Quality: A Test Carried Out in Southern Spain from Satellite Imagery
Authors: Novelli, A; Aguilar, MA; Aguilar, FJ; Nemmaoui, A; Tarantino, E Year: 2017
38. Assessing the Potential of Sentinel-2 and Pleiades Data for the Detection of Prosopis and Vachellia spp. in Kenya
Authors: Ng, WT; Rima, P; Einzmann, K; Immitzer, M; Atzberger, C; Eckert, S Year: 2017
39. Assessing the relationships between growing stock volume and Sentinel-2 imagery in a Mediterranean forest ecosystem
Authors: Chrysafis, Irene; Mallinis, Giorgos; Siachalou, Sofia; Patias, Petros Year: 2017
40. Assessing trace elements in striped dolphins from the Strait of Gibraltar: Clues to link the bioaccumulation in the westernmost Mediterranean Sea area and nearest Atlantic Ocean
Authors: Rojo-Nieto, Elisa(1,3); Fern Year: 2017
41. Assessment of altimetric range and geophysical corrections and mean sea surface models-Impacts on sea level variability around the Indonesian seas
Authors: Handoko, Eko Yuli(1,2); Fernandes, Maria Joana(1,3); L Year: 2017
42. Assessment of Approximations in Aerosol Optical Properties and Vertical Distribution into FLEX Atmospherically-Corrected Surface Reflectance and Retrieved Sun-Induced Fluorescence
Authors: Vicent, Jorge; Sabater, Neus; Verrelst, Jochem; Alonso, Luis; Moreno, Jose Year: 2017
43. Assessment of Atmospheric Correction Methods for Sentinel-2 MSI Images Applied to Amazon Floodplain Lakes
Authors: Martins, Vitor Souza; Faria Barbosa, Claudio Clemente; Sander de Carvalho, Lino Augusto; Ferreira Jorge, Daniel Schaffer; Lobo, Felipe de Lucia; Leao de Moraes Novo, Evlyn Marcia Year: 2017
44. Assessment of Canopy Chlorophyll Content Retrieval in Maize and Soybean: Implications of Hysteresis on the Development of Generic Algorithms
Authors: Peng, Yi; Nguy-Robertson, Anthony; Arkebauer, Timothy; Gitelson, Anatoly A. Year: 2017
45. Assessment of Chlorophyll-a Remote Sensing Algorithms in a Productive Tropical Estuarine-Lagoon System
Authors: Lins, Regina Camara; Martinez, Jean-Michel; Marques, David da Motta; Cirilo, Jose Almir; Fragoso, Carlos Ruberto, Jr. Year: 2017
46. Assessment of geostatistical features for object-based image classification of contrasted landscape vegetation cover
Authors: de Oliveira Silveira, Eduarda Martiniano; de Menezes, Michele Duarte; Acerbi Junior, Fausto Weimar; Nunes Santos Terra, Marcela Castro; de Mello, Jose Marcio Year: 2017
47. Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Derived Sea Surface Winds for Typhoon Forecasting
Authors: Yu, Yi; Yang, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Weimin; Duan, Boheng; Cao, Xiaoqun; Leng, Hongze Year: 2017
48. Atmospheric Correction of Multi-Spectral Littoral Images Using a PHOTONS/AERONET-Based Regional Aerosol Model
Authors: Bru, Driss; Lubac, Bertrand; Normandin, Cassandra; Robinet, Arthur; Leconte, Michel; Hagolle, Olivier; Martiny, Nadege; Jamet, Cedric Year: 2017
49. Automated Generation of Lakes and Reservoirs Water Elevation Changes From Satellite Radar Altimetry
Authors: Okeowo, Modurodoluwa Adeyinka; Lee, Hyongki; Hossain, Faisal; Getirana, Augusto Year: 2017
50. Automated Generation of Lakes and Reservoirs Water Elevation Changes From Satellite Radar Altimetry
Authors: Okeowo, Modurodoluwa Adeyinka; Lee, Hyongki; Hossain, Faisal; Getirana, Augusto Year: 2017
51. Automatic Cloud and Shadow Detection in Optical Satellite Imagery Without Using Thermal Bands-Application to Suomi NPP VIIRS Images over Fennoscandia
Authors: Parmes, Eija; Rauste, Yrjo; Molinier, Matthieu; Andersson, Kaj; Seitsonen, Lauri Year: 2017
52. Automatic detection of snow avalanche debris in central Svalbard using C-band SAR data
Authors: Wesselink, Dieuwertje S.; Malnes, Eirik; Eckerstorfer, Markus; Lindenbergh, Roderik C. Year: 2017
53. Azimuth Ambiguities Removal in Littoral Zones Based on Multi-Temporal SAR Images
Authors: Leng, Xiangguang; Ji, Kefeng; Zhou, Shilin; Zou, Huanxin Year: 2017
54. Baltic Sea Ice Concentration Estimation Using SENTINEL-1 SAR and AMSR2 Microwave Radiometer Data
Authors: Karvonen, Juha Year: 2017
55. Building Damage Assessment Using Multisensor Dual-Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for the 2016 M 6.2 Amatrice Earthquake, Italy
Authors: Karimzadeh, Sadra; Mastuoka, Masashi Year: 2017
56. Calibration and Cross Validation of a Global Wind and Wave Database of Altimeter, Radiometer, and Scatterometer Measurements
Authors: Young, I. R.; Sanina, E.; Babanin, A. V. Year: 2017
57. Carbon monoxide column retrieval for clear-sky and cloudy atmospheres: a full-mission data set from SCIAMACHY 2.3 mu m reflectance measurements
Authors: Borsdorff, Tobias; de Brugh, Joost Aan; Hu, Haili; Nedelec, Philippe; Aben, Ilse; Landgraf, Jochen Year: 2017
58. CAWRES: A waveform retracking fuzzy expert system for optimizing coastal sea levels from Jason-1 and Jason-2 satellite altimetry data
Authors: Idris, Nurul Hazrina(1,2); Deng, Xiaoli(3); Md Din, Ami Hassan(2,4,5); Idris, Nurul Hawani(1) Year: 2017
59. CAWRES: A Waveform Retracking Fuzzy Expert System for Optimizing Coastal Sea Levels from Jason-1 and Jason-2 Satellite Altimetry Data
Authors: Idris, Nurul Hazrina; Deng, Xiaoli; Din, Ami Hassan Md; Idris, Nurul Hawani Year: 2017
60. Characterisation and improvement of the structure function estimation for application in PSI
Authors: Ulmer, Franz-Georg; Adam, Nico Year: 2017
61. Characterizing JONSWAP rogue waves and their statistics via inverse spectral data
Authors: Calini, Annalisa(1); Schober, Constance M.(2) Year: 2017
62. Coastal applications from nadir altimetry: Example of the X-TRACK regional products
Authors: Birol, F; Fuller, N; Lyard, F; Cancet, M; Nino, F; Delebecque, C; Fleury, S; Toublanc, F; Melet, A; Saraceno, M; Leger, F Year: 2017
63. Coastal sea level from CryoSat-2 SARIn altimetry in Norway
Authors: Idanovi, Martina(1); Ophaug, Vegard(1); Andersen, Ole Baltazar(2) Year: 2017
64. Coastal Waveform Retracking for Jason-2 Altimeter Data Based on Along-Track Echograms around the Tsushima Islands in Japan
Authors: Wang, Xifeng; Ichikawa, Kaoru Year: 2017
65. Collection, analysis and on-line experimentation of ocean color remote sensing data: An appraisal off the Southwestern Iberian Peninsula
Authors: D'Alimonte, Davide(1); Kajiyama, Tamito(1); S Year: 2017
66. Combination of multi-mission altimetry data along the Mekong River with spatio-temporal kriging
Authors: Boergens, Eva; Buhl, Sven; Dettmering, Denise; Kluppelberg, Claudia; Seitz, Florian Year: 2017
67. Combined Co- and Cross-Polarized SAR Measurements Under Extreme Wind Conditions
Authors: Mouche, Alexis A.(1); Chapron, Bertrand(2); Zhang, Biao(3); Husson, Romain(4) Year: 2017
68. Combining ocean numerical model and SAR imagery to investigate the occurrence of oil pollution, a case study for the Java Sea
Authors: Setiawan, A.(1); Putri, M.R.(2); Gade, M.(3); Pohlmann, T.(3); Mayer, B.(3) Year: 2017
69. Comparing Sentinel-2A and Landsat 7 and 8 Using Surface Reflectance over Australia
Authors: Flood, Neil Year: 2017
70. Comparison of CryoSat-2 and ENVISAT radar freeboard over Arctic sea ice: toward an improved Envisat freeboard retrieval
Authors: Guerreiro, Kevin; Fleury, Sara; Zakharova, Elena; Kouraev, Alexei; Remy, Frederique; Maisongrande, Philippe Year: 2017
71. Comparison of retracked coastal altimetry sea levels against high frequency radar on the continental shelf of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Authors: Idris, Nurul Hazrina; Deng, Xiaoli; Idris, Nurul Hawani Year: 2017
72. Comparison of Satellite Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Phycocyanin Values and Cyanobacterial Total Biovolume in a Temperate Reservoir Using Coincident Hyperspectral Aircraft Imagery and Dense Coincident Surface Observations
Authors: Beck, Richard; Xu, Min; Zhan, Shengan; Liu, Hongxing; Johansen, Richard A.; Tong, Susanna; Yang, Bo; Shu, Song; Wu, Qiusheng; Wang, Shujie; Berling, Kevin; Murray, Andrew; Emery, Erich; Reif, Molly; Harwood, Joseph; Young, Jade; Martin, Mark; Stillings, G Year: 2017
73. Comparison of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 in the estimation of boreal forest canopy cover and leaf area index
Authors: Korhonen, Lauri; Hadi; Packalen, Petteri; Rautiainen, Miina Year: 2017
74. Compilation and Validation of SAR and Optical Data Products for a Complete and Global Map of Inland/Ocean Water Tailored to the Climate Modeling Community
Authors: Lamarche, C; Santoro, M; Bontemps, S; d'Andrimont, R; Radoux, J; Giustarini, L; Brockmann, C; Wevers, J; Defourny, P; Arino, O Year: 2017
75. Composite indicator for monitoring of Norway spruce stand decline
Authors: Brovkina, O.; Cienciala, E.; Zemek, F.; Lukes, P.; Fabianek, T.; Russ, R. Year: 2017
76. Comprehensive Annual Ice Sheet Velocity Mapping Using Landsat-8, Sentinel-1, and RADARSAT-2 Data
Authors: Mouginot, Jeremie; Rignot, Eric; Scheuchl, Bernd; Millan, Romain Year: 2017
77. Computation of GPS P1
Authors: Wautelet, Gilles(1); Loyer, Sylvain(2); Mercier, Flavien(3); Perosanz, F Year: 2017
78. Constraining the mass balance of East Antarctica
Authors: Martin-Espanol, Alba; Bamber, Jonathan L.; Zammit-Mangion, Andrew Year: 2017
79. Contextual Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network with Multilayer Fusion for SAR Ship Detection
Authors: Kang, Miao; Ji, Kefeng; Leng, Xiangguang; Lin, Zhao Year: 2017
80. Copernicus Sentinel-2A Calibration and Products Validation Status
Authors: Gascon, Ferran; Bouzinac, Catherine; Thepaut, Olivier; Jung, Mathieu; Francesconi, Benjamin; Louis, Jerome; Lonjou, Vincent; Lafrance, Bruno; Massera, Stephane; Gaudel-Vacaresse, Angelique; Languille, Florie; Alhammoud, Bahjat; Viallefont, Francoise; Pflu Year: 2017
81. Coregistration of Interferometric Stacks of Sentinel-1 TOPS Data
Authors: Yague-Martinez, Nestor; De Zan, Francesco; Prats-Iraola, Pau Year: 2017
82. Cross-Comparison of Albedo Products for Glacier Surfaces Derived from Airborne and Satellite (Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8) Optical Data
Authors: Naegeli, Kathrin; Damm, Alexander; Huss, Matthias; Wulf, Hendrik; Schaepman, Michael; Hoelzle, Martin Year: 2017
83. CryoSat-2 SAR-Mode Over Oceans: Processing Methods, Global Assessment, and Benefits
Authors: Boy, F; Desjonqueres, JD; Picot, N; Moreau, T; Raynal, M Year: 2017
84. CryoSat-2 SAR-Mode Over Oceans: Processing Methods, Global Assessment, and Benefits
Authors: Boy, Francois; Desjonqueres, Jean-Damien; Picot, Nicolas; Moreau, Thomas; Raynal, Matthias Year: 2017
85. Deep Learning Classification of Land Cover and Crop Types Using Remote Sensing Data
Authors: Kussul, Nataliia; Lavreniuk, Mykola; Skakun, Sergii; Shelestov, Andrii Year: 2017
86. Determining oxidative stress and EROD activity in dab (Limanda limanda) in the North and Baltic Seas
Authors: Joachim, Sturve(1); Maria, Hultman T.(1); Britt, Wassmur(1); Bethanie, Carney Almroth(1) Year: 2017
87. Development and validation of an ocean wave retrieval algorithm for VV-polarization Sentinel-1 SAR data
Authors: Lin Bo; Shao Weizeng; Li Xiaofeng; Li Huan; Du Xiaoqing; Ji Qiyan; Cai Lina Year: 2017
88. Development of a probabilistic ocean modelling system based on NEMO 3.5: application at eddying resolution
Authors: Brankart, J.-M. Molines, M.-P. Moine, P.-A. Bouttier, T. Penduff, L. Terray, B. Barnier, and G. Serazin Year: 2017
89. Development of water level estimation algorithms using SARAL/Altika dataset and validation over the Ukai reservoir, India
Authors: Chander, Shard; Ganguly, Debojyoti Year: 2017
90. Development, implementation, and validation of a California coastal ocean modeling, data assimilation, and forecasting system
Authors: Chao, Yi(1,2); Farrara, John D.(2); Zhang, Hongchun(1); Armenta, Kevin J.(3); Centurioni, Luca(4); Chavez, Francisco(5); Girton, James B.(6); Rudnick, Dan(4); Walter, Ryan K.(3) Year: 2017
91. DInSAR-Based Detection of Land Subsidence and Correlation with Groundwater Depletion in Konya Plain, Turkey
Authors: Calo, F; Notti, D; Galve, JP; Abdikan, S; Gorum, T; Pepe, A; Sanli, FB Year: 2017
92. Discharge estimation and forecasting by MODIS and altimetry data in Niger-Benue River
Authors: Tarpanelli, Angelica; Amarnath, Giriraj; Brocca, Luca; Massari, Christian; Moramarco, Tommaso Year: 2017
93. Displacement monitoring and modelling of a high-speed railway bridge using C-band Sentinel-1 data
Authors: Huang, Qihuan; Crosetto, Michele; Monserrat, Oriol; Crippa, Bruno Year: 2017
94. Downstream evolution of the Kuroshio's time-varying transport and velocity structure
Authors: Andres, M.; Mensah, V.; Jan, S.; Chang, M. -H.; Yang, Y. -J.; Lee, C. M.; Ma, B.; Sanford, T. B. Year: 2017
95. Effects of internal tidal dissipation and self-attraction and loading on semidiurnal tides in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea: a numerical study
Authors: Teng Fei; Fang Guohong; Xu Xiaoqing Year: 2017
96. Elevation Change and Improved Velocity Retrieval Using Orthorectified Optical Satellite Data from Different Orbits
Authors: Altena, Bas; Kaab, Andreas Year: 2017
97. Empirical fitting of forward backscattering models for multitemporal retrieval of soil moisture from radar data at L-band
Authors: Fascetti, Fabio; Pierdicca, Nazzareno; Pulvirenti, Luca Year: 2017
98. Enabling the Use of Sentinel-2 and LiDAR Data for Common Agriculture Policy Funds Assignment
Authors: Estrada, Jesus; Sanchez, Hector; Hernanz, Lorena; Jose Checa, Maria; Roman, Dumitru Year: 2017
99. Enhancing sea wave potential energy with under-sea periodic arrays of cylinders
Authors: Chiu, Shuo-Feng(1); Wang, Jyun-Jie(1); Wang, Ssu-Che(1); Der Chao, Sheng(1) Year: 2017
100. Ensemble-based canonical correlation forest (CCF) for land use and land cover classification using sentinel-2 and Landsat OLI imagery
Authors: Colkesen, Ismail; Kavzoglu, Taskin Year: 2017
101. Envisat RA-2 Individual Echoes: A Unique Dataset for a Better Understanding of Inland Water Altimetry Potentialities
Authors: Abileah, Ron; Scozzari, Andrea; Vignudelli, Stefano Year: 2017
102. Estimating Random Errors of Scatterometer, Altimeter, and Model Wind Speed Data
Authors: Abdalla, Saleh; De Chiara, Giovanna Year: 2017
103. European Rice Cropland Mapping with Sentinel-1 Data: The Mediterranean Region Case Study
Authors: Duy Ba Nguyen; Wagner, Wolfgang Year: 2017
104. Evaluating Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 Data to Map Sucessional Forest Stages in a Subtropical Forest in Southern Brazil
Authors: Sothe, Camile; de Almeida, Claudia Maria; Liesenberg, Veraldo; Schimalski, Marcos Benedito Year: 2017
105. Evaluation of automated urban surface water extraction from Sentinel-2A imagery using different water indices
Authors: Yang, Xiucheng; Chen, Li Year: 2017
106. Evaluation of forest fire on Madeira Island using Sentinel-2A MSI imagery
Authors: Navarro, Gabriel; Caballero, Isabel; Silva, Gustavo; Parra, Pedro-Cecilio; Vazquez, Agueda; Caldeira, Rui Year: 2017
107. Evaluation of new CryoSat-2 products over the ocean
Authors: Calafat, F.M.(1); Cipollini, P.(1); Bouffard, J.(2,3); Snaith, H.(1,4); F Year: 2017
108. Examination of Sentinel 2A multi-spectral instrument (MSI) reflectance anisotropy and the suitability of a general method to normalize MSI reflectance to nadir BRDF adjusted reflectance
Authors: Roy, David P.; Li, Jian; Zhang, Hankui K.; Yan, Lin; Huang, Haiyan; Li, Zhongbin Year: 2017
109. Examining the strength of the newly-launched Sentinel 2 MSI sensor in detecting and discriminating subtle differences between C3 and C4 grass species
Authors: Shoko, C.; Mutanga, O. Year: 2017
110. Exploring image data assimilation in the prospect of high-resolution satellite oceanic observations
Authors: Moro, Marina Duran; Brankart, Jean-Michel; Brasseur, Pierre; Verron, Jacques Year: 2017
111. Extension of Satellite Altimetry Jason-2 Sea Level Anomalies Towards the Red Sea Coast Using Polynomial Harmonic Techniques
Authors: Taqi, A. M.; Al-Subhi, A. M.; Alsaafani, M. A. Year: 2017
112. Farm Level Assessment of Irrigation Performance for Dairy Pastures in the Goulburn-Murray District of Australia by Combining Satellite-Based Measures with Weather and Water Delivery Information
Authors: Abuzar, Mohammad; Whitfield, Des; McAllister, Andy Year: 2017
113. Fast Numerical Algorithm for the Calculation of Altimetric Crossovers from Satellite Ground Tracks
Authors: Wang, Haihong(1,2); Luo, Bei(1) Year: 2017
114. Feasibility study for forecasting ice jams along the river Oder
Authors: Koegel, Michael; Das, Apurba; Marszelewski, Wlodzimierz; Carstensen, Dirk; Lindenschmidt, Karl-Erich Year: 2017
115. Feasibility study for forecasting ice jams along the river Oder
Authors: Koegel, Michael; Das, Apurba; Marszelewski, Wlodzimierz; Carstensen, Dirk; Lindenschmidt, Karl-Erich Year: 2017
116. Finite-fault slip model of the 2016 M-w 7.5 Chiloe earthquake, southern Chile, estimated from Sentinel-1 data
Authors: Xu, Wenbin Year: 2017
117. First calibration results of Jason-2 and SARAL/AltiKa satellite altimeters from the Qianli Yan permanent Cal/Val facilities, China
Authors: Yang, Lei; Zhou, Xinghua; Mertikas, S. P.; Zhu, Lin; Yang, Long; Lei, Ning Year: 2017
118. First Results from Sentinel-1A InSAR over Australia: Application to the Perth Basin
Authors: Parker, Amy L.; Filmer, Mick S.; Featherstone, Will E. Year: 2017
119. First spaceborne phase altimetry over sea ice using TechDemoSat-1 GNSS-R signals
Authors: Li, Weiqiang; Cardellach, Estel; Fabra, Fran; Rius, Antonio; Ribo, Serni; Martin-Neira, Manuel Year: 2017
120. Fluorescence Imaging Spectrometer (FLORIS) for ESA FLEX Mission
Authors: Coppo, Peter; Taiti, Alessio; Pettinato, Lucia; Francois, Michael; Taccola, Matteo; Drusch, Matthias Year: 2017
121. Frequency content of sea surface height variability from internal gravity waves to mesoscale eddies
Authors: Savage, Anna C.; Arbic, Brian K.; Richman, James G.; Shriver, Jay F.; Alford, Matthew H.; Buijsman, Maarten C.; Farrar, J. Thomas; Sharma, Hari; Voet, Gunnar; Wallcraft, Alan J.; Zamudio, Luis Year: 2017
122. From ERS-1/2 to Sentinel-1: two decades of subsidence monitored through A-DInSAR techniques in the Ravenna area (Italy)
Authors: Fiaschi, Simone; Tessitore, Serena; Boni, Roberta; Di Martire, Diego; Achilli, Vladimiro; Borgstrom, Sven; Ibrahim, Ahmed; Floris, Mario; Meisina, Claudia; Ramondini, Massimo; Calcaterra, Domenico Year: 2017
123. Fully Focused SAR Altimetry: Theory and Applications
Authors: Egido, A; Smith, WHF Year: 2017
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