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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Literature Database
Publication Statistics by Year
1990 to present
Fill out the form below to search the Literature Database. A field that is left blank will be ignored. If you leave all fields blank, all 6720 records in the database will be returned. If you think a reference is missing and would like to add it to the database, please email the complete citation to

Search Example:
If you want all articles written by Lee Fu in 1999 with Altimeter or Altimetry in the title, you would:

  1. Type Fu in the Author field (this will match any name with "fu" in it).
  2. Type altimet in the Title search box (this will match both altimeter and altimetry).
  3. Select 1999 from the Year pulldown list.

The results from your search will be displayed. You can then click on any of the results to get the complete details, or you can return to this page to enter another search.



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