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Jason-1 Launch Sequence
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Jason-1/TIMED Sequence of Events

Jason1 Timed Boost Profile

Launch Sequence of Events Table




00:00:00 Liftoff
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00:00:33 Mach 1  
00:01:04 6 Solid Motors Burnout
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Download File (QuickTime, 361 KB) 2
00:01:06 3 Solid Motors Ignite  
00:01:26 Jettison 6 Solid Motors
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00:01:27 Jettison 3 Solid Motors  
00:01:30 Begin First Dogleg Maneuver  
00:01:55 End First Dogleg Maneuver  
00:02:12 Begin 2nd Dogleg Maneuver  
00:02:20 End 2nd Dogleg Maneuver  
00:04:24 MECO - Main Engine Cutoff
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Download File (QuickTime, 169 KB) 4
00:04:32 Stage I-II Separation
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Download File (QuickTime, 123 KB) 5
00:04:41 Jettison Fairing
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Download File (QuickTime, 354 KB) 6
00:10:05 SECO 1 - Stage II Cutoff No. 1  
00:51:49 SECO 2 - Second cutoff Stage II/ Orbit Insertion  
00:55:20 Jason-1 Spacecraft Separation
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Download File (QuickTime, 459 KB) 7
00:55:21 1st Contact Opportunity
Check for Solar Array Deployment
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Download File (QuickTime, 522 KB) 8
01:06:45 Jason-1 Ascennding Node Crossing  

For more information, visit Aviso's Jason-1 Launch Page.

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