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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Discovering the Ocean Book Cover - Educators

Attention Educators!

Discovering the Ocean Book Cover


Do you require your students to cover their textbooks? Are you tired of seeing cast-off grocery bags coming back to life as book covers? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has produced textbook protection that will serve you by providing an entry point for inquiry-based ocean science education and, at the same time, satisfying your students' search for adventure.

The Discovering the Ocean book cover was designed for students in grades 4-6 (ages 8-12). The front of the book cover provides just the spark they need to imagine themselves ready to dive in to oceanography or other Earth sciences. The book cover was revised in 2010 to align it with a focus on ocean literacy.

  • The title was changed to indicate Earth’s global ocean.
  • An end panel now lists the 7 Essential Principles of ocean literacy.
  • The back still has a cool comic about NASA's use of satellites to study the surface of the ocean and to track marine life and also lists online resources for you and/or your students to learn more about NASA and JPL oceanography activities.

Become a Junior Oceanographer is still a place where your students can take a short quiz on oceanography and marine science. When they pass the quiz they can print out their own Junior Oceanographer certificate, and their first name and city will be added to the Junior Oceanographers Hall of Fame. And don't worry, the name they print on the certificate will not be stored on our website.

Download a PDF version of the book cover (PDF, 1.04 MB).

Educators can request free classroom sets of the book cover by sending an Email.


Note: The child's full name is not stored in our database. The Junior Oceanographer certificate is a simple PDF file onto which the student types his or her name. Students are asked to use only a first name and city for the Hall of Fame.

More information is available on the Students page.

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