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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
A Jason-1 Oceanic Adventure - Voyage on the High Seas

Jason-1 game - front
This game is suitable for play both within and outside of the classroom, and although designed for children ages 9-13, it offers a fun, learning opportunity for the entire family. In addition to being a game, it is an eye-catching poster showing continents, oceans and all of the major ocean currents. On the reverse, there are black and white educational activities designed to be reproduced directly from the poster for use in the classroom. These activities are provided below in PDF format.

Jason-1 game - back

Information and Classroom Activities (back side of the game board - in PDF format)

Print Your Own Jason-1 Game
Jason-1 game board - tiles

To print the Jason-1 game board on 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper and assemble it:

  • click on the tile
  • print the PDF
  • fold the edges
  • tape them together

If you have access to a large (poster size) printer, you can print the entire game board (PDF 10.3 MB).

extra for the Jason-1 game

Additional items needed to play the game:

Front 09
Front 08
Front 07

Front 06
Front 05
Front 04
Front 03

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