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Ocean Surface Topography from Space

We've prepared a veritable ocean of educational resources on weather, climate, and oceanic science for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Some of these products are available to order. Please see the specific product for order information.

Stuff for Kids image Stuff for Kids presents a wide variety of games, puzzles, and facts; educational entertainment; on-line resources for educators; information about useful books; and links to lesson plans and classroom activities.
Posters, Brochures, CD's and Slides image Posters, Brochures, and CD's offers a variety of visual materials on Oceanography and El Niño in both hardcopy form, which can be ordered online, or PDF files, which can be downloaded.
Class Activities image Class Activities presents plans for Classroom activities in Oceans, Climate and Life from the "Visit to an Ocean Planet" CD-ROM in PDF format; shows how an El Niño works using common household items; and describes an El Niño skit developed for primary grades.
Links and FAQ image Links and FAQs opens links for those with specific questions: FAQs for more commonly asked questions; and links to Web sites of related educational interest.

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