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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Visit to an Ocean Planet CD-ROM Information

Information about the Visit to an Ocean Planet Educational CD-ROM
June 2010

The Visit to an Ocean Planet educational CD-ROM was developed in 1998 by the TOPEX/Poseidon Project outreach team for use on the then current Windows and Macintosh operation systems.

The original system requirements were:

  • Macintosh: 68040 processor or greater, OS 7.1 or above, at least 10 MB of free RAM, 2x or faster CD-ROM player;
  • Windows 80486 processor or greater, Windows 3.1 or above, at least 10 MB of free RAM, 2x or faster CD-ROM player.

Copies of the CD remain available, however it is known that the CD will not operate properly on Macintosh OS X or Windows XP. It is unsure at which operating system the CD ceased proper operation.

Macintosh users can still open the CD and access some of the folders. The Media folder contains all of the images, movies, and text files. The images can be opened with Adobe Photoshop and perhaps other image processing applications. The movies can be opened with Quicktime and perhaps other movie players.

The CD contains a section of standards-based activities on Oceans, Climate, and Life suitable for grade 6-12 classrooms. All of these activities are available online in PDF format.

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