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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
GPS - Global Positioning System


OSTM/Jason-2   GPSP
The GPS Payload (GPSP) on OSTM/Jason-2 is a tracking system that receives dual-frequency navigation signals continuously and simultaneously from 16 GPS satellites to determine the exact position of a transmitter. The GPSP supports precise orbit determination by the DORIS system. It also helps to improve gravity field models and provides data for satellite positioning accurate to about 50 meters and 50 nanoseconds.

Additional information on the GPSP is available on the AVISO site.


Jason-1 TRSR
The Turbo Rogue Space Receiver (TRSR) is a high performance GPS receiver designed to provide backup precise orbit determination for Jason-1. It measures precise GPS "pseudorange" and continuous carrier phase data from up to 12 GPS satellites. The TRSR views the GPS satellites through an up-looking antenna which provides a nearly hemispherical field of view. There are two complete redundant TRSR systems carried on Jason-1.

Data from the TRSR will be analyzed in post processing to produce continuous Jason-1 orbits.

Additional information on the TRSR is available on the AVISO site.


The TOPEX/Poseidon GPS was based on a network of 24 military satellites in circular orbits 20,200 kilometers above the earth. These satellites broadcast signals that allowed the GPS receiver aboard TOPEX/Poseidon to calculate the spacecraft's position in orbit. With augmented ground processing, this position was accurate to within 3 centimeters.

The Global Positioning System antenna shown here is connected to a GPS Demonstration Receiver housed within the Instrument Module. The GPS receiver was included as an experiment because its use in Precision Orbit Determination for a spacecraft had never been demonstrated.

Additional information on the GPSDR is available on the AVISO site.

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