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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
IMPOCATO & GTW: a study of intra-seasonal planetary wave impacts in the tropical atlantic upwellings & an assessment of monthly mean vertical velocities at global scale in the atlantic thermocline


Alban Lazar - (LOCEAN)

  Marta Martin del Rey
Rémi Tailleux
Irene Polo
B. Rodriguez de Fonseca
Malick Wade
Siny Ndoye
(LOCEAN-IPSL, UPMC Sorbonne Université)
(Dpt of Oceanogr./Univ. of Reading)
(Dpt of Meterology/Univ. of Reading)
(Dpt Geofísica y Meteorología/Univ. Complutense de Madrid)
(LSAO/Univ. G. Berger),

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Multi-year-mean vertical velocities near 100m depth in DRAKKAR OGCM (shading, Superimposed in green : equatorial and coastally trapped planetary waves trajectories in the eastern basin.
This project is two-fold. In part one we will study the impacts of oceanic equatorial and coastal planetary waves on intra-seasonal to interannual variability of sea surface temperature, ocean currents and surface winds along the tropical Atlantic equator and African coasts, with a particular focus on Western Africa. A particular emphasis shall be put on forecasting these impacts about one month leads. The methodology is based on case studies and statistical analyses, in model simulations (NEMO-ATLTROP025) and satellite estimates.

In part two, we will derive and analyze the three-dimensional structure of vertical velocities w of the ocean thermocline, away from the coasts and the equator. The theoretical framework is based on the linear vorticity balance, and data come from in-situ ARGO profiles, and satellite-derived dynamic topography and wind stress. A reference will be provided by state of the art model simulations (NEMO-DRAKKAR), considering that there are no in-situ estimates of vertical velocity profiles at large scales.

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