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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Calibration and Algorithm Advancements for the Radiometer Products on Altimeter Missions


Shannon Brown - (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

  Dr. Tanvir Islam
Dr. Sidharth Misra
(Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
(Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

We have the following research objectives toward the development of the best possible WPD record from the radiometers on the Topex and Jason series altimeter missions:

  1. Apply proven on-orbit calibration techniques to produce and maintain a climate quality calibration for the Jason-2 and Jason-3 radiometer wet tropospheric path delay correction through 2020. We will focus on understanding and reducing the uncertainty of the radiometer calibration stability on shorter time scales (less than 3 years) by using multiple independent calibration sources to enable those studies evaluating accelerations or decelerations in regional and global mean sea level.
  2. Utilize the cold sky calibration data on Jason-3, along with an instrument model, to produce a high fidelity long term assessment of the radiometer calibration stability that can be used with our existing Earth based external references to tune the gain and offset calibration coefficients with a degree of certainty not previously achievable with the Earth references alone.
  3. Develop and assess an active/passive retrieval algorithm that seamlessly integrates the radar and radiometer measurements to produce improved retrieval products of wet path delay and ocean wind speed as well value added products such as precipitation and cloud liquid water.

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