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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
PRIAM: new Perspectives for higher ResolutIon Altimetry - a Multi- disciplinary approach

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Retracking error for a typical specular echo originating from leads (top curve) and for a typical diffuse echo originating from floes (bottom curve), according to the centering of the target within a waveform' sampling gate. The error on the freeboard estimation will be the difference between these two curves. The larger is the backscatter value, the lower is the error.

Florence Birol - (LEGOS)

  Denis Blumstein
Sara Fleury
Fréderic Frappart
Rosemary Morrow
Fernando Niño

  Blarel Fabien
Estournel Claude
Calmant Stéphane

This study is based on a multi-thematic approach in order to develop new regional applications over continental surfaces and marginal seas. It is organised around one upstream theme (waveform analysis) providing a way of tackling the problem of altimetry geophysical estimation over different surfaces, and four application themes: coastal ocean dynamics, fine-scale ocean dynamics, sea ice and continental surface waters. It will focus on Jason-2,3, SARAL, Cryosat-2 and Sentinel-3 missions, leading to a better assessment of the corresponding altimeter measurement quality. A major objective will be to better understand the signal and errors in the 10-100 km wavelength, which will bring unvaluable information for the future Jason-CS and SWOT altimetric missions with much higher resolution.

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