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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
The assimilation of multimission amltimeters data for the improvement of operational wave models


Lotfi Aouf - (Météo-France)

  Alice Dalphinet

Aouf browse image
Map of scatter index of significant wave height from the operational model MFWAM in the 12-h forecast for the period of January-February-March 2016. the comparison is performed with altimeters Jason-2 and Saral.
Satellite wave data play a crucial role to ensure a reliable wave submersion warning system of Météo-France. This proposal aims to improve the operational wave model by the assimilation of Near Real Time (NRT) multi-missions wave data. The satellite wave data concern mostly altimeters significant wave heights and directional wave spectra from Sentinel-1 and the future mission CFOSAT. This project will consider three main aspects. The first aspect is the assimilation of NRT altimeters wave data (Jason 2 & 3, Saral, Cryosat-2, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-6/Jason-CS,...) in the operational system of Météo-France, with particular attention to the persistency of the assimilation in the forecast period. The second aspect is related to impact studies (Calibration/Validation, new wave data, extreme events studies,...) for preparation to operational use. The third aspect consists in the improvement of the physics of operational wave model regarding to source terms, wave/currents interaction and atmospheric wind forcing. This work will highlight the contribution of satellite wave data in the improvement of sea state prediction and consequently a better coupled ocean/waves system, as it is recommended in the European Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Sercvice (CMEMS).

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