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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Assessment and Use of Altimeter Wind and Wave Products at ECMWF


Saleh Abdalla, - (ECMWF)

  Giovanna De Chiara
Jean-Raymond Bidlot

Abdalla browse image
Global comparison between Jason-3 OGDR and ECMWF wave model (ECWAM) significant wave heights for the period from 19 May 2016 to 12 March 2017
The main aim of this work is to make the best use of the global near real time (NRT; usually referred to as OGDR) ocean wind and wave products from various altimeters like Jason-3 and Sentinel-3. This involves extensive assessment of the altimeter products to explore their characteristics like availability, accuracy, consistency and reliability. It also involves the assimilation of NRT significant wave height (SWH) information in the wind wave model ECWAM that is run operationally at ECMWF. This is an extension to the ongoing activities to utilise altimetric data from Jason-2, CryoSat-2 and SARAL/AltiKa. The scope will extend to cover the future missions like Sentinel-6.

Altimeter SWH and surface wind speed products are also used as a diagnostic tool to assess the potential model changes and they are also used to make statements regarding the model performance. Furthermore, nonconventional techniques, e.g. triple collocation and spectral analysis, will be used to characterise the quality of the altimeter products as well as those of the model.

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