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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Poleward heat flux and ACC variability at choke points

Poleward heat flux and ACC variability at choke points
Udintsev cruise plan in January 2015 on board the Korean ice-breaker Araon to measure directly the poleward heat flux across the southern part of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. CTD stations (filled black circles) and current meter mooring lines (open circles) are laid along the Jason ground track #219 across the Eltanin and Udintsev Fracture Zones. Altimetry-derived time-mean surface currents are superimposed on a bathymetric map. Isobaths are coloured every 500 m.

Young-Hyang Park - (LOCEAN)

  Christine Provost
Frédéric Vivier


The present project aims to address some climate-relevant subjects at selected choke points in the Southern Ocean using in situ observations, altimetry, and numerical model outputs. It results from the fusion of two previous independent TOSCA/CNES projects, DRAKE (PI, Christine Provost) and TRACK (PI, Young-Hyang Park), into a single bigger project to share the common methodology and personals around the central themes of the poleward heat flux and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) variability in hitherto not well-documented, but dynamically and thermodynamically utmost important, choke point regions. It is designed to explore more efficiently already-made in situ observations in Drake Passage and the Fawn Trough of the Kerguelen Plateau, to extend the experiments to other outstanding choke points such as the Udintsev Fracture Zone in the South Pacific and the Shackleton Fracture Zone upstream of Drake Passage via a French-Korean collaboration, and to validate and use the global datasets from altimetry and the eddy-resolving, data assimilating model MERCATOR outputs for better documenting and monitoring the Southern Ocean heat budget and the ACC variability.

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