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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Mercator, global ocean monitoring and forecasting


Eric Dombrowsky - (MERCATOR OCEAN)

  Stéphanie Guinehut
Marie Drevillon
Nicolas Ferry
Pierre Yves Le Traon
Fabirice Hernandez


Mercator, global ocean monitoring and forecasting
Mercator Océan
Mercator Océan is the French center for ocean and monitoring and forecasting. It operates real-time and reanalysis systems based on global and regional ocean general circulation models (OGCM) coupled with assimilation schemes that permits the multivariate assimilation of remote sensing observations, including altimeter data from the SSALTO/DUACS data center and in situ measurements provided by the CORIOLIS data center.

This proposal follows on a previous OST-ST project. It consists of:

  • Routinely assimilating near real-time altimeter observations in addition to other data sources (remote sensing + in situ) to deliver routine ocean services
  • Assimilate delayed mode historical altimeter observations in addition to other data sources (remote sensing + in situ) to produce long reanalysis of the ocean physics
  • Study and assess the relative impact of the various observation sources, including the altimeter data, on the accuracy of the products delivered in the operational framework
  • Deliver ocean products to the downstream service providers (the core service), and gather their feedback about the usefulness of the service provided with respect to their field of application, including coastal modeling, living resources applications (the green ocean), marine safety, climate studies and seasonal forecasting.

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