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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Multisensor Impact assessment in Coastal and Shelf Seas II (MICSS-2)


Florence Birol - (LEGOS)
Pierre De Mey - (LEGOS)

  Ariane Koch-Larrouy
Nadia Ayoub
Florent Lyard
Patrick Marsaleix
Claude Estournel
Julien Lamouroux
(Laboratoire d'Aérologie)
(Laboratoire d'Aérologie)


Multisensor Impact assessment in Coastal and Shelf Seas II (MICSS-2)
(a) Bathymetry of the Bay of Biscay. Superimposed are the tracks of TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 during the tandem mission. Dots in red indicate locations of some of the buoys of Puertos del Estado.
(b) Complex 3D sea floor topography of the Indonesian seas, using ETOPO2. Note the very shallow shelves and sharp topographic barriers, and the numerous semi enclosed basins. Altimeter tracks are superimposed in grey, and INSTANT and INDOMIX current meters are the colored triangles.
This cross-cutting proposal concentrates on the Coastal Ocean, and proposes to examine (1) the signature of specific target coastal dynamical processes (namely the slope current variability and the internal tides) and their errors in the observed variables (including sea level), and (2) the objective impact of observations onto estimates and forecasts of those processes. As in MICSS-1, objective (1) will provide an opportunity to confront multisensor observations and realistic, state-of-the-art numerical models. Objective (2) will use numerical models along with advanced, ensemble- based data assimilation methods. This proposal therefore innovatively integrates several elements (based on complementary expertise of the PIs and co-PIs): available and future observations (satellite and in-situ), numerical and stochastic models, and estimation techniques (data assimilation, objective array design).

The coastal regions of interest are the Bay of Biscay, the Northwest Mediterranean Sea and the Indonesian Archipelago. The Gulf of Mexico will be compared to those areas through a collaboration with the University of Miami.

The proposal gathers, continues and expands two previous OSTST proposals: MICSS-1 and MARINA. It enlists the investigators of these two former projects. The addition of A. Koch-Larrouy strengthens the new topic of internal tides.

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