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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Improvement, validation and merging of altimeter products for coastal and regional applications
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Ananda Pascual
(Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avancats, IMEDEA(CSIC-UIB))

Alberto Álvarez
Joaquin Tintoré
Simón Ruiz
Gilles Larnicol


We are investigating several aspects of the use of altimeter measurements. The first objective deals with the accuracy of altimeter data in coastal areas, an important challenge in the present era of operational coastal oceanography. To achieve this objective, updated algorithms and corrections are applied to improve altimeter observations in the shelf and slope regions. The validation of the improved products is then performed by using available public independent data and by taking advantage of the facilities existing at IMEDEA (experimental equipment). The second objective aims at determining the optimal altimeter configuration for an accurate estimate of mesoscale variability, the dominant signal in the ocean. Different combination of altimeter missions (including the future AltiKa and wide swath concept altogether with Jason and ENVISAT) are being tested and will be merged by techniques of optimal interpolation. We are also looking at the quality of real time products, a crucial topic for operational applications. Finally, the third objective seeks to combine surface satellite information with historical in situ data to infer the 3D estate of the ocean. assessments, data assimilation and validation.

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