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A review of land-use regression models to assess spatial variation of outdoor air pollution
Authors: Hoek, G.;Beelen, R.;de Hoogh, K.;Vienneau, D.;Gulliver, J.;Fischer, P.;Briggs, D. Year: 2008
Journal: Atmospheric Environment
Publisher: Elsevier Science  
Volume: 42
Issue/Number: 33
Conference Name/Location:
Category: 1. Models and Measurement Systems (M)
DOI/Web Link:
OD: Object Subject Terms: Elevation; Household density; Intensity; Land cover factor; Land use regression monitoring campaigns; Land-use regression models; Land-use regression studies; Major road length; Measured concentration; Monitoring network sites; Number of monitoring sites (no.); Outdoor air pollution; Petroleum facility; Predictor variables; Road length; Samples number; Traffic intensity; Traffic volume factor; Object Geographic Terms: British Isles, England, Greater London, London; Canada; Netherlands; UK; Object Statistical Terms: Average; Coefficient of Determination; Mean; Median; Regression; Root-Mean-Square-Error; Standard Deviation 1352-2310 Journal Article
Author Address:
PO Box 80178, 3508 TD Utrecht, The Netherlands, []

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