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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
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Impact of the Combination of GNSS and Altimetry Data on the Derived Global Ionosphere Maps
Authors: Todorova, S.;Schuh, H.;Hobiger, T.;Hernandez-Pajares, M. Year: 2007
Journal: 2007 Joint Assembly; Acapulco; Mexico; 22-25 May 2007
Publisher: "American Geophysical Union, 2000 Florida Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20009-1277, USA, [URL:]"  
Volume: 88
Conference Name/Location:
Category: 1. Models and Measurement Systems (M)
DOI/Web Link:
0096-3941 Journal
Author Address:
"Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Vienna University of Technology, Gusshausstr. 27- 29, Vienna, 1040, Austria; [] "

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