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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
A Major Leap Forward for Oceanography
January 01, 1996

A Major Leap Forward for Oceanography

TOPEX/Poseidon's continuous observation of global sea
surface height has provided unparalleled opportunities to
address a wide array of scientific issues. Uses of ocean
altimetry data range from monitoring large-scale ocean
circulation to examining subtle signals caused by tidal
energy as it travels around the globe. Data from this
longest-running altimetric satellite mission has been used
to study the sea level changes associated with El
Niño events, examine the interaction between swirling
eddies and the mighty ocean currents that give rise to them,
and directly observe how heat storage in the ocean changes
from season-to-season.


JPL Identification #: P-44964

Source: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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