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Ocean Surface Topography from Space
March 04, 2003

Article courtesy of JPL

If the producers of Jeopardy do call Sara
Hyman, who recently passed the game
show's qualifying tests, she won't be
expecting anything related to her job to turn
up as a category. Though mission
operations assurance hasn't yet worked its
way into popular culture, it does share with
the quiz show the need to know at least a
smattering about a lot of different subjects.

"For this job," says Hyman, mission
operations assurance manager for the
ocean-observing satellite TOPEX/Poseidon,
"you need to understand a little bit about
everything that goes into a spacecraft. It is
also nice to have an understanding of
software and how it works, but you don't
necessarily need to know how to read code."

Hyman joined the TOPEX/Poseidon team
three and a half years before the satellite
launched more than a decade ago. The
satellite and its follow-on Jason-1 make
detailed measurements of sea-surface
height for studies of global climate and ocean circulation.

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Source: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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