Classroom Activities

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The following activities were provided by various educational organizations and educators for inclusion on the Visit to an Ocean Planet CD-ROM. We thank all involved for their efforts in providing high-quality activities.

  Climate Oceans Life
Scale & Structure
How and why does the ocean control Earth's cimate?

1)   Properties of Fresh Water and Sea Water
2)   Earth's Hydrologic Cycle
3)   Coastal Versus Inland Temperatures
4)   Ocean Currents and Coastal Temperatures
What structures can be found in Earth's oceans?

1)   Measuring the Density of Water
2)   Evaporation, Surface Area, Temperature, and Seawater
3)   Seawater Mixing and Sinking
4)   Taking the Ocean's Temperature
5)   Sound Travels SOFAR in the Ocean
What is the scale of ocean life and what structures support that life?

1)   Describing "Classroom Communities"
2)   Dichotomous Keys
3)   Plankton Identification
4)   Observing Dissolved Air in Water
How and why do we measure Earth's climate and climate changes?

1)   Metric Measurements
2)   Home Electric Power Measurement
What ocean measurements can be made?

1)   Fathometer in a Box
2)   Sea Surface Topography
3)   How Level is Sea Level?
How do we measre factors that support life in the oceans?

1)   Describing and Measuring the Oceans
2)   Estimating the Population of Pencils at Your School
3)   Building a Plankton Net
What energies drive our climate?

1)   Absorbing Light: Dark Versus Bright
2)   Solar Energy and Distance
3)   Convection
What energies are associated with Earth's oceans?

1)   Making and Using a Wave Machine
2)   Ocean Wave Characteristics
Life in the ocean depends on energy.

1)   Bioluminescence From Ostracods (Sea Fireflies)
2)   Growing Chemosynthetic Bacteria
Systems & Interactions
What are the major climate systems on our planet?

1)   Temperature and Deep Ocean Circulation
2)   Salinity and Deep Ocean Currents
3)   Message in a Bottle
What are some of Earth's major ocean systems?

1)   Wind-driven Ocean Currents
2)   Ocean Eddies
3)   Timing the Tides
4)   Global Winds and Ocean Currents
5)   Sea Level Slopes and Surface Currents
6)   Coastal Upwelling - Monterey Bay California
What is the ecology of the marine environment?

1)   Carrots, Celery, Dehydration & Osmosis
2)   Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Plankton
Process & Change
How has our climate changed?

1)   Analyzing Greenhouse Gases and Global Temperature Data Over Time
2)   Expansion of Water
How do Earth's oceans change and cause change?

1)   Ocean Variations During an El Niño
2)   Ocean Seasons
3)   El Niño Analysis
How has ocean life changed over time?

1)   Biogeography or What Happens to Fish Populations During El Niño
Human Interactions
How do humans use and affect the oceans?

1)   Cleaning Up an Oil Spill
2)   Cartesian Diver
3)   Eerie Lake Erie
How do humans affect life in the oceans and vice versa?

1)   Plastic in the Ocean
2)   The Effects of Cleaning Oil Spills